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Organic Branding

We are a global consultancy. We are a brand engine, which means being a business engine.

We are in the strategy and in the tactics. In the trend, in the data and in creativity.

Branding Services

El Branding is the differentiating element of companies

At Baud we develop strategies that position brands within highly competitive environments.

A truly convincing brand must extend beyond the logo, encompass all aspects of the brand and above all it must have the ability to convey emotion in a world so dominated by technology.

"A good brand image must contain emotions and information to be effective"

More about Branding

Baud works as a Branding agency for large companies in Spain thanks to its strategic approach to projects and its belief in quality design and innovation.

We develop strategic branding projects planning objectives and solutions to which we apply our creative and design experience to obtain results that are also efficient and brilliant.


We are currently designing the image of the new El Corte Inglés brands in addition to evolving their brand identity, we work with Renfe in the preparation of their corporate issues and annual reports, and we create brand experiences for clients such as Redbull.

At Baud we have always accepted challenges, thanks to which we have developed extensive experience in designing brands with large and complex ranges of products and applications.

We design corporate images that must be applied in hundreds of different places and formats, to finally be reflected in complex brand manuals.

We also work on the design of exclusive or gourmet brands, where we focus all efforts on a few products, seeking differentiation and quality.

Our work as branding agency It has been published in more than 20 national or international books and magazines as well as appearing in the main media.

Branding agency in Madrid.

In addition to working with large companies and advertisers, at Baud we collaborate with local companies and SMEs developing new brands.

We love participating in small projects, ambitious projects that require a branding agency in Madrid or in other cities in Spain.

In addition, we want to continuously work with start-ups and with new business models to be able to stay in the flow of technology and innovation, thereby If you are an entrepreneur and have an idea, do not hesitate to contact us. «Baud: solutions like branding agency Madrid«

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