Repositioning Lloyd's as a benchmark in women's fashion

  • Brand Definition
  • Consulting
  • Research

Lloyd's is the best-selling women's clothing brand in El Corte Inglés. It is focused on quality, timeless design and to enjoy the outdoors.

Identity Redesign

It is important that brand recognition occurs at more than one point of contact and not only through a logo applied in a heterogeneous way as it had been done until now.


The new visual identity was planned with elements such as a differential typography, to provide exclusivity and personality, as well as its own and differential color palette. It was also an important challenge to define the use of the symbol and wordmark, as well as to achieve recognizable layouts and editorial systems that would adapt to the new photographic style proposed by the El Corte Inglés team for the brand.

A new isotype with character

More functional, more current and capable of generating a much greater brand recognition.

According to preliminary studies, the vast majority of audiences identify the Lloyd's logo with a bird, so it was important to keep the symbol as the element that generates the greatest equity in the brand.

Taking care of the details

For this project, all possible elements have been taken into account to generate a positive perception.

Every label, every little detail has to be perfectly cared for in order to convey a quality and design brand to our audiences.


Systems and scheduling of editorial applications is an important activity for a fashion brand.

Minimalist and elegant layouts that accompany the brand during its season-by-season development by the El Corte Inglés team.

A brand to last over time

The new Lloyd's brand has been conceived to be timeless, and at the same time be able to adapt season to season to new collections and novelties without losing its values ​​and essence.