Add value to the business and consumers

Create experiences that connect the consumer with the business through creativity, omnichannel and agility.

Create valuable experiences

Offering the customer a valuable and omnichannel experience at a time where behavior is increasingly complex to predict is the challenge for retailers.

To find a balance point in the experience, without neglecting the profitability of the business, it is necessary to increase control and optimize each stage of the supply chain with intelligence, efficiency and creativity.

We define and improve companies and brands in a sector where flexibility and responsiveness are the key.

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We accompany in the adaptation and evolution

We share a transformative vision to advance and grow in the constant change of Retail and Distribution.

  • Research & Analytics
  • Brand Purpose and Strategy
  • Brand Definition
  • Customer experience
  • Architecture / Future Spaces
  • Flagship Stores


Interview with Rafael Martínez-Avial, Tíanimal

In the framework of Interviews with Clients and Friends of Baud, from which we try to contribute to giving a voice to those who tell us the most interesting and current things, today we interview Rafael Martínez-Avial, CEO of Trendenimal.

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