"Raiz Cuadrada"

Our roots and those of nature

Rooted beer

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"Raiz Cuadrada" It is a natural craft beer from El Barraco, whose origin stems from the tradition of a family and the vocation of two brothers who left everything to fulfill their dream of making beer that no one else could make, a dream that since Baud we have helped them to meet a unique and personal brand.


Root Square is born from the best of two worlds, from the symbiosis between man and nature. The roots of a family joined those of nature to enhance the virtues of each one and obtain a unique beer.


We give prominence to roots that come together in different ways, generating a unique and recognizable universe. A symbol that moves away from the mathematical universe that evoked the name Square Root, and surprises by approaching its true meaning born of nature. An evocative, disruptive and unique concept.

Joining roots to create a unique craft beer brand