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Awarded with a LAUS in Naming 2020 by Murmui

Per baud

We are proud to share with you that we have been awarded a LAUS in Naming 2020 for our work for Murmui.

Meet Juan Fonseca, Baud Designer

By Baud Team

Today we get to know Juan a little better, Baud's graphic designer, specializing in branding for consumer packaging. Always wanting to see the "Big Picture" in a design problem, Juan is a planner and a retailer. He likes processes, using methodologies to organize himself and to organize work. The organization for him comes first, but in his words, also the neatness and examine things for a better evaluation.

Trends marking the Health sector

By Baud Team

That 'health is the most important' is a saying that we have in mind since we are little, but that little would we have imagined that it would become an essential part of our mindset before reaching middle age.

5 trends for consumer products

By Clara López

Consumer products have complex casuistry and diverse targets and move in an environment of change and increasing complexity, accelerated by the COVID crisis. However, there is a common reality: if you connect with the end consumer, it works.

LAUS Nominees for Best Naming 2020 by Murmui

By Baud Team

We are proud to be able to share with you that we have been nominated for a LAUS, a great award that tries to promote design, projecting its cultural and economic importance for society, in the Naming category for our work done for Murmui.

The shopping list in 5 trends

By Andrea Montes

A scribbled list with your favorite products, a shopping basket half full and one consumption decision after another, infinite, instantaneous, almost automatic. All of them, loaded with answers to concerns that have not yet been expressed. We enter a labyrinth of corridors, walking between shelves full of shapes, colors and messages that demand our attention with the aim of being the chosen option.

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