Connect technologies with people

Understanding the complexity of large, historic companies and seizing opportunities for younger, more disruptive projects is key.

A sector in constant evolution

We evolve from a connected world to a hyperconnected one, feeling close through a screen. At the same time, we long for deep human connection.

To understand that technology increasingly passes through humanity and trust, is to build disruptive, solid and relevant companies and ecosystems with continuous and secure growth from new sources of income.

From the real connection, new businesses are born.

We define successful solutions

We know the different casuistry of Telecommunications, Media and Technology, and we promote the future of each of them.

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Interview with David Carrero, Stackscale

Many of Baud's customers and friends are taking commendable initiatives. And we wanted to help give them a little more voice to continue contributing interesting and constructive stories to the global conversation.

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humanizing technology


Humanizing technology

Yes, technology is dehumanizing us. Children who do not go out to play in the street, meetings with friends in which nobody speaks, events in which we only worry about taking the best photo, people who live attached to a screen ...

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Today the networks are more social than ever

And suddenly the posturing is over. Today social networks live up to their name. They are no longer so individual, an instrument to shine the ego. Now yes, they are already social.

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