New times need new energy and new infrastructure

Value is built from an ingenious, transversal, efficient and lasting transformation.

A current answer to today's needs

From a value taken for granted, to a unique and relevant perceived value.

Companies are restructuring to respond effectively to changing times, integrating technologies, digitization, automation and, ultimately, creativity, operational excellence and lasting transformations.

Transversal systems throughout the organization with a common meaning and direction, capable of increasing relevance to audiences and business value.

We provide relevant value

We promote the path towards a new dimension with greater meaning, impact and value for Energy and Infrastructure.

  • Research
  • Corporate transformation
  • Verbal Identity
  • Strategic Communication Plan


Authentic brands that power companies

At Baud we create authentic brands that extract and value the truth of each company. In this Ebook led by Clara López, a member of the Baud team, and developed from her talk given through Aebrand's BrandSeries initiative, we will see what authentic brands are and what they are not, how they are built with some customer examples of Baud, and his resilience to the most complicated situations.

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Remote co-creation is possible: remote workshops

At Baud we create real brands that are born from the comprehensive understanding of each project, that is why the development of workshops is a fundamental part of our methodology.

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Energy and Infrastructure Customers

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