A sector in transformation

At a time of transformation of the sector, customers demand spaces and experiences increasingly personalized, surprising, linked to the environment and where they can experience new sensations.

A sector that is at a turning point

The Hospitality sector is experiencing one of the most important changes in recent times.

New ways of relating to each other, new ways of traveling and customer demands are conditioning the way we understand this sector.

It is difficult to find a place in such a complex and fragmented market, however, we have seen from Baud that there are multiple opportunities to grow by taking advantage of this fragmentation, using new channels, meeting new consumers and offering them brands, experiences and products at the height of their expectations.

Premises with our projects
Years of experience in Hospitality and Catering

We transform the Hospitality

We help Hospitality and Restoration to grow in new scenarios, taking advantage of consumer trends and new types of audiences.

  • Consumer and Market Study
  • Purpose, Brand Strategy and Vision
  • Brand Identity for Restoration and Organized R.
  • Brand Experience
  • Product
  • Architecture and Interiors, Flagship Stores
  • New Sales Channels (Delivery & Alliances)
  • Launch and Growth


New times for the hospitality industry

It's Monday morning a man walks into Manuela's bar. Orders a coffee and a truncheon and spreads his newspaper on the table where he will spend the next 3 hours of his day.

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Interview with Álvaro Cambra and Albert Nasarre, Cyrclo

We still remember when this project came to Baud. So, it was a great idea that was beginning to take its first steps towards becoming a reality. Today, Cyrclo is a restaurant which healthy and Mediterranean gastronomic proposal is not only conquering palates, but also, thanks to its efforts, it is managing to find a place in the minds and hearts of many consumers.

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