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Since it was born in 2007 as the dream of friends who sold ties to executives, Scalpers has been an unstoppable brand. Currently, they have more than 200 points of sale and a collection of suits, sportswear and accessories for a modern and cosmopolitan man.

In 2015 the brand wanted to continue growing and expanding in other countries, for this they needed a new website at the height of their strategy, which would help them to enter these new markets.


The first step in the process was to analyze user behavior to establish the brand's digital strategy. An analysis that would define the characteristics that the new website should have as well as the content hierarchy, the information architecture, the purchase process, etc.

A website at the service of customers

The main premise of the navigation strategy and the architecture of the web was to bring the physical shopping experience to the online store, making it possible for the user to experience the brand and purchase its products easily and intuitively. For this reason, the “Get the look” section is included, which allows you to easily buy complete outfits, or the suggested products, which recommend clothing and accessories related to each item.

A website that brings together the best shopping experience: - Detailed menu of the different sections of the online store - Search engine always present at the top - Suggested products and cross-sales - Shopping cart and completion in two clicks - Optimized and highly visual

From in-store purchase to online store

For the store, as in the other sections of the web, a modular system was designed that helps us maintain a consistent design, regardless of the number of products that we are showing.

The short video clips alternate with the images from the brand's catalog, which are seen in detail when hovering over the photograph, highlighting the product.

The interiors of each product show detailed information about the garment and its purchase through an iconographic system created ad hoc for the brand. Related products encourage cross-selling and help make the shopping experience closer and more natural.

A highly visual product page that allows quick purchase decisions and to add cross-selling to the cart without leaving the screen

One website, many devices

The behavior of fashion enthusiasts towards brands has changed. Now they can see the latest collections from their favorite stores from the couch and, if they like something, buy it quickly and directly. For this reason, the strategy places special emphasis on the mobile user.

The design of the web adapts to the smallest devices eliminating videos and optimizing the content without losing its design and character.

In short, a website that takes Scalpers to any corner and to any device, making the experience on the web as rich as in stores.