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Retail and Customer Experience Agency

Innovation + Strategy + Design

Creating lasting connections between Brands and Consumers through spaces.

At Baud we build successful businesses through the strategic definition, design and execution of reference experiential spaces.

More than 17 years of experience helping small and large businesses grow have allowed us to know and understand the particularities of businesses with commercial spaces for sale to the public and the need to work with these spaces as a strategic pillar on which to support their growth. .

Our retail design methodology is based on a comprehensive and strategic approach, distinguished by a fusion of three essential components: consumer experience, brand identity, and design scalability.

Carrefour Winery

From the business idea to the opening of the premises

Turnkey service

A specialized team capable of covering all the needs related to starting a business with physical space

Brand strategy, story and design, definition of the consumer experience and Customer Journey in the commercial space, design of the space, search for premises, development of the execution project, processing of licenses and constructive execution of the complete project.

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    We work on the design and execution of all types of commercial and corporate spaces: offices or work centers, restaurants, shops, large retail areas, stands, islands and corners for shopping centers and fairs.


    We begin with a detailed evaluation of available resources, establishing realistic budgets that reflect the needs and limitations of each client. Our thorough planning and detail-oriented approach allows us to maximize the use of every euro, ensuring that every aspect of the design brings tangible value to the project.


    Recognizing the changing nature of the point of sale, our designs are planned with a vision of adaptability and scalability. This means that, although designed to meet current needs, our commercial spaces are also prepared to adapt to future changes, whether market trends, brand growth or changes in commercial strategy. This flexibility is crucial to ensure that the design investment lasts over time and continues to generate value.

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    Consumer perception and expectations are central aspects of our design methodology. Consumer listening services, auditing and strategic analysis of the point of sale are the key to ensuring that the spaces designed by Baud reach and exceed the commercial expectations set forth in the business plans.

    We focus on creating spaces that not only capture customers' attention, but also provide them with a memorable and rewarding shopping experience. This user-centric approach permeates every aspect of the design, from the organization of space to the choice of materials, ensuring that each establishment is a welcoming and stimulating environment for customers.


    Creative talent is one of Baud's hallmarks. Devotion to aesthetics marks all the creative works developed by Baud and guarantees unique, innovative, careful designs that are always aligned with the brand and guided by the strategic needs of the business.

    The design of spaces is worked from the highest demand for creative standards and through pioneering rendering tools that allow the visualization of every detail of the space in a hyper-realistic way.

    During the execution of each project, we maintain rigorous control over the budget and deadlines. Our team works diligently to ensure that all aspects of the project are carried out as planned, avoiding deviations that could inflate costs. This efficient project management is essential to deliver results that not only meet, but exceed expectations, within the established budget framework.