Champion the most democratic proposal of healthy gastronomy

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Noinu emerges as an honest initiative that seeks to change the perception of healthy food in a saturated market but still with unexplored niches.


Address the perception that healthy food is unpalatable or boring and build a brand that customers associate with a complete culinary experience, both in what they eat and how they eat it.


Develop a brand identity that fuses the best of conscious eating with an exceptional culinary experience, thus achieving a balance between taste and health.

A unique flavor in every bite

After exhaustive research and market analysis, we defined a brand positioning around exceptional taste and conscious eating.

Eating well is a complete experience

Noinu is not just a healthy choice; It is a complete culinary experience that goes beyond the plate, supported by a naming and a tone of voice that invites conscious enjoyment.

An identity that is savored

Noinu's visual identity is as rich and varied as its menu, offering a feast for the eyes that complements the dining experience.

Digital connection, REAL experience

For Noinu, digitalization is not an end but a means to enrich the customer experience, from the reservation to the last bite.

A space as appealing as its menu