From a local drugstore to a new brand of care and beauty

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In a context saturated with changing consumption priorities, consumers are looking for brands that promote well-being and share their values.

The importance of adapting to these trends is key to success in today's market.


The growing competition in home and drug stores affected the market share of specialized brands compared to large supermarkets.

On the other hand there is a growing demand from consumers who prefer specialized stores for cosmetic and beauty products.


We accompany Clarel in its transformation, from conceptualization to activation in stores. We redefined a store model that maintains the proximity of Clarel, evolving towards an expert brand in care and well-being.

Clarel goes from being a drugstore associated with supermarkets to a comprehensive beauty and wellness space with services included.

From supermarket to comprehensive wellness

Based on an exhaustive analysis of Clarel's business model, covering customer experience, strategy, verbal and visual identity, communication and physical space, a deep understanding of the challenges, opportunities and discrepancies between business objectives and the reality of their stores.

Aspects that diminished the value of the brand and the physical experience were detected, leading to the conclusion that Clarel should evolve from a traditional drugstore to a specialist in beauty and personal care.

With this objective, the brand became professional, positioning it as an expert and creating a differentiated and premium user experience.

clarel senses

The brand and the experience generated are nourished by all the emotions that can be awakened in each individual.

A cozy space in which to feel comfortable with you.
Listening attentively so that you trust our expert and sincere advice.
The satisfaction of a product and services that respond to your real needs.
Because we strive to cultivate positive feelings for you to enjoy.
Day to day.
With all your senses.

An innovative concept that makes sense in space

Achieving a differentiated experience and environment were central points in this transformation. For this reason, experts in customer experience & retail they were involved throughout the process to ensure that the new business concept, the new brand and the new space form a coherent and inseparable unit.

has created a identifying, clear and open spatial concept, in which we seek to create differentiated areas to find outstanding experiential moments. Furthermore, it is a concept adapted to the economic needs of the brand and easily replicable and scalable, something essential given the capillarity of the company. All the furniture has been designed according to a standard modulation and materials easily accessible from any point of the national territory have been sought.

La Beauty Room It is the space in which services that require greater privacy are performed. They are qualitative and differential services in which the client can experience a moment of care

Other services that require less privacy, such as makeup or manicures, are integrated, but differentiated, in the main space. Special lighting, a unique piece of custom-made furniture or a change in the floor help the client to identify them quickly.

The concept of cross-selling has been worked on so that the services are related to the products that complement them , something that makes it possible to offer the customer a comprehensive experience.

The customer journey has been meticulously defined and tested to avoid the generation of residual spaces and to highlight the products and contact points that we are interested in promoting. The finishes, the level of privacy, acoustic comfort, lighting, vegetation, furniture or signage are some of the resources we have used to distinguish specific and trending areas.

We have sought that the interior be a reflection of the concepts of well-being and personal care, which is why natural finishing materials, vegetation, and warm colors and lighting have been defined.

One of the values ​​of the brand is its commitment to the future.

For this reason, the sustainability and circularity of the materials has been one of the main criteria when choosing them. For example, all the furniture boards are made of 100% recycled wood agglomerate and the floor is made of cork with a protective sheet made from recycled plastics recovered from the sea.

VR to test the concept

During the conceptualization process of the project, the challenge of defining a complex experience in a space that still does not exist has been presented.

Thanks to the work carried out with visualization and virtual reality engines, we have ensured that Clarel's management team could directly feel the customer experience even before the new concept materialized physically.

Relying on technologies traditionally used in video games, we have generated a realistic model of the space through which we can navigate virtually and visualize every corner of the new store.

A new concept that you don't have to imagine, but you experience it firsthand.

Naturalness throughout the brand

Visually, we have evolved Clarel from a dark brand, defined by black and white, by cold lighting and supermarket shelf furniture, to a brand empathetic, colourful, full of light and with warmer and more natural materials and images.

A brand without artifice, which opens up to be even closer to people.

The visual universe of the brand has been embodied through an internal and external signage system that projects greater quality and visibility of the brand, a communication system governed by the same layout and graphic resources, the unification of the product sheets to provide greater cohesion to the brand, etc.


At Baud we are not content to just go with the flow; in stead of, we advocate leading change and to be pioneers in the creation of solutions that generate a lasting impact.

We share the vision of a better future, and we work tirelessly to build tools that allow companies like Clarel and its brands to grow and prosper, always keeping our focus on human connections and the meaning behind each step.

Because when you adapt and lead with purpose, change isn't just possible; it becomes the engine that drives growth and success.