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To continue being the national reference in pokés

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In 2016 Aloha Poké was born. A pioneering and healthy gastronomic proposal based on Hawaiian poké as the main dish. Since then, Aloha Poké has opened and consolidated this category, being the maximum reference in our country, present in 9 cities with 23 establishments and with the ambitious goal of continuing to grow.


In recent years, the fast and healthy category has seen increasingly aggressive competition. In this context, Aloha Poké, the pioneer company in bringing Hawaiian poké to our country, felt the need to define and reaffirm itself as a brand in order to stand out even more in an environment as rich as this.


We are at the right time to transform Aloha Poké from a little differentiated restaurant chain in a crowded environment to the true reference of the category, creating an inimitable brand and experience that really highlight its strengths.   

An attitude of shared life

We begin by delving into the reality of Aloha Poké as a company and as a brand, analyzing its expression and experience, as well as that of its main competitors to detect areas for improvement and possible opportunities for differentiation.

This is how we found a finding that gave meaning to everything the brand is and had built up to today. Aloha Poké represents, more than a healthy gastronomic concept, an attitude of life inspired by the best of the Hawaiian and Californian culture. It is the true meaning of the word Aloha. It is a proposal that invites us to eat and live better. Taking care of our body and our mind, being more aware of ourselves and the environment in which we live, filling ourselves with positive energy to share it with others. Aloha Poké is not just a bowl, it is an opportunity to change your day and that of those around you. It is the poké that changes your world.

Professionalizing the brand expression in full

Being clear about the meanings built around Aloha Poké, it is time to transfer them to its verbal and visual expression. We develop the tone of voice of the brand with the aim of projecting, in each message, its own philosophy. The linguistic guidelines seek to amplify the differentiation of the brand and transmit that unique attitude towards life, thus connecting with the new generations, its main target. 

At the same time, we have worked on a visual identity that respects the brand's identity codes, but evolving them towards a more professionalized, differential and compact universe. From the selected color gamut or typographic arrangement to the textures that evoke the calm of the sea or the suggestive photographic style, everything has been designed to maximize the personality and visibility of Aloha Poké. A transformation linked to the origins of the brand but that manages to consolidate it as the reference that it really is.

Simplicity and modernity build a private brand experience

With all the strategic, verbal and visual universe already defined, we proposed its decline towards the place where the brand was going to come to life, its establishments. The space evolves qualitatively through the customization of such distinctive elements as the integration of the waves of the sea into the floor and walls, the selection of more unique furniture, the bespoke design of the counter or the introduction of burlap fabrics in the the ceiling. The arrangement of all the elements seeks to give great prominence to the order area by directing the flow of passage towards a larger and more modern consumption area. The result is an own experience, more differential and pleasant that manages to transfer the full potential of the brand.