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Osborne, one of the most iconic and recognized brands in Spain, has the need to push the company towards new horizons that allow it to be more competitive at the business level without losing closeness to its new audience. Baud has worked alongside them to accompany in this transformation of the company through the brand and the people.


Discover something very valuable, shape and share it.

In 1772, from a brave and visionary idea, a company was born that even today is a symbol of authenticity, tradition and origin. Since its inception, Osborne has strived to masterfully enhance the original quality of everything it offers people.


Through the definition of its corporate purpose, Osborne demonstrates its commitment to its sector, to quality and, above all, to people, over time: “We exist so that people enjoy and share authentic experiences through our brands”.

The deep work carried out began with a vital research phase to identify not only the essence of the Osborne brand and the internal vision of the business, but also to extract the most relevant insights and trends that would contribute to the promotion of the organization and its connection with its new audiences. Thanks to this total understanding of the reality of the Osborne brand and its role in the global context, its strategy and discourse has been optimized without losing its most authentic roots.

Legacy and Future

Osborne has spent 250 years seeking excellence, generation after generation, through all its brands and products. All of this can be summed up in a central idea on which the brand has evolved in its entirety and which also highlights both its long history and its vision: legacy and future.

The incalculable value of the authentic

The strategic work developed for Osborne has been made tangible through a comprehensive redesign of its visual identity. From the modernization of the corporate logo to the creation of a broader visual universe aligned with the new brand strategy and the entire product portfolio.

The graphic resources used, the corporate fonts, the different photographic styles, the differential and memorable secondary graphics and the new color palette project the dimension of Osborne as a truly relevant and authentic great group, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Verbal universe

Another of the essential elements in updating the Osborne brand has been the definition and setting of its verbal identity. Through the approach of its own linguistic resources, the discourse and verbal style that the company must employ in its internal and external communication actions have been shaped to optimally project its personality, seeking that balance between its legacy and its aspirations of future through every message.

Thomas Osborne Mann

Letters written by Thomas Osborne Mann himself have been recovered and have been integrated into the brand not to lose its most authentic roots. A brand that speaks of its history, its know-how and a legacy that can only be acquired through years and years of experience.

To build the corporate layout, a flexible layered system has been created that allows to generate a multitude of compositions under the same structure.

This declinable system makes it easier for the brand to express itself in a corporate way and also through its products. In addition, a corporate signature system has been developed for the communication of each product and thus reinforcing the link between Osborne and its sub-brands. In short, a modern and flexible system that responds to an increasingly broad product portfolio.

All identity has been transferred to the digital environment through a new website, now focused as an e-commerce. A more experiential and aspirational website in which the brand is empowered by communicating its entire history and, at the same time, its different products.

The Osborne brand adapts to the digital environment, projecting its dimension and aspirations for the future without forgetting its great legacy.

Innovation and legacy: the new dimension of Osborne spaces

The Legacy and Future brand idea defines the atmosphere of Osborne's spaces. They are the materialization of the authenticity and mastery that its historical weight provides, but also of the commitment and visionary spirit of a company that always moves forward.

A cozy and close space, but also aspirational and detailed.

A glass of passion, culture and tradition

Through all the work done, today Osborne is the most experiential brand that values ​​the history and legacy of the brand while looking to its future to adapt to new times, connecting with its new consumers and also with society.

A familiar, prestigious and authentic brand that, through its strategic, verbal and visual expression, shows itself more differential than ever in all its points of contact.

Rocío Osborne, Director of Marketing and Communication at Osborne, talks about the case at the Aebrand webinar in May 2021

"Humility for us is fundamental and we learned a lot from Baud, his criticisms and advice are being crystallized in the plan for change." 

«In our case it would have been impossible to carry out a rebranding without a partner like Baud. The experience they have is the key to the success of such a process ”.

"An example of the activation of the idea of ​​'Legado y Futuro' is the tradition of the Jabugo creation process, which can innovate in a ready-to-eat pack".

«Before the corporate brand was a corporation. Now we are working on it as one more brand, we are promoting projects and actions that support it and leaving aside other projects that are far from it ».

"The new brand also enables us to welcome new product categories and younger audiences."

"The Baud team made sure that in addition to 5J, from Nordés ... the employees felt part of Osborne".