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A key strategic attraction.

At Baud we know that packaging design is essential to immediately show the personality of a product and the most effective way to make a difference with its competition. Packaging is a key strategic asset in consumer brands.

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"Baud is a reference in avant-garde packaging design"

The challenge

Our challenge is to expand the dose of creativity in all kinds of sectors.

When we have a product, we take as a challenge to get a great idea to make it stand out on the shelf, we look for the graphic keys for consumer brands and private labels, always giving 100% in our packaging design.

More about Packaging

Baud is a recognized Packaging agency At national and international level.

We work in the design and development of new ranges of Products for the main national supermarkets, packaging design for consumer brands from multiple sectors and also for brands in specific markets such as the luxury sector or gourmet products.


Our work as packaging design agency has been shown in more than 100 reference publications in the sector.

Everything started with Packaging:
In 2008 Baud received the Laus Award for the best Packaging line.

Baud is the Packaging Agency of El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, DIA, for which it develops hundreds of monthly products, own brands and ranges of new products.

At Baud we are used to developing designs of packaging for international export.

We work both for national brands that seek to export their products to new frontiers, as well as with large international stores that seek an identity of origin in the product packaging and decide to work with packaging agencies such as Baud to offer these solutions.

The work of our packaging agency It has been published in more than 15 international reference books and magazines in the sector.
Our packaging for Lazarus Wine has been selected by BuzzFeed as the first of the 33 Best Bottles in the World of Wine.

Packaging agency in Madrid.

At Baud we do not leave out local companies in need of a  packaging agency in madrid.

We have supported entrepreneurs and start-ups since our foundation and it is a job that we have never stopped doing.

We work locally with companies seeking packaging agency in madrid and we provide them with a service at the same level as large clients both design and management and production.

Madrid packaging agency

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