Gomez Moreno Family

A project that values ​​the excellence of a family tradition


    Quesos Gómez Moreno, today Familia Gómez Moreno, is a company with more than a century of history in the production of the highest quality sheep cheese from La Mancha that, at a time of growth in the national and international market, identified the need to increase the perceived value of your product by picking up on your family roots and your commitment to quality.


    It was about preparing this family business to take a qualitative leap that would allow it to compete with the great cheeses of this and other denominations of origin, being able to transmit all the expertise and affection that was behind each piece.


    We understood the context, business needs, and resources the company had to make its brand its spokesperson. From its narrative, to its Brand Architecture and product portfolio.
    A development ready for the present and the future of a large family.

    From selling excellent cheeses, to sharing an origin, a tradition, a last name, a truth

    A verbal and visual identity to reflect the authenticity and quality that Familia Gómez Moreno represents

    We detected the need to have a coherent and flexible system that defines the role of each sub-brand and connects with gourmet consumers and fans


    For the most gourmet and foodie world. An award-winning cheese that shows the capacity for innovation,
    know-how and adaptability to trends and consumers.
    SAlways with the craftsmanship behind each product and its Manchego origin as the keys to creation.

    A cheese designed to be enjoyed on a daily basis.
    Carea represents, from its name, the link with nature, with cattle and with the countryside.
    It is the legacy of this family as shepherds, the craftsmanship of the product and the tradition of inheritance.



    A cheese that is always a guarantee, the option that never fails you.
    In him and in his name, the know-how, the specialty, the Manchego origin,
    the tradition of a family and the manufacturing process behind the product.

    The truffle as the main ingredient, its texture and colors communicated at a glance. A cheese ready to be understood and also to be enjoyed outside our borders.