Repositioning and increasing the value of a classic from La Rioja

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Azpilicueta, the centenary winery from La Rioja founded in 1881 by Félix Azpilicueta that is today part of Pernord Ricard Spain, is one of the leading DOCa Rioja players in the sector. An atomized and mature sector in continuous expansion, with a large number and variety of brands and little knowledge of each of them.


With the aim of expanding its market share, the project seeks to increase Azpilicueta's notoriety and its ability to connect with the end consumer, as a brand and through its wine portfolio, reinforcing the value of each of them.


After an immersion in the history and events around the winery, we gave the brand its own story. We built an entire experience that unified the portfolio and at the same time gave each wine a unique character, claiming its role on the shelf, communicating everything that Azpilicueta represents.

Emotionality, character, instinct

Revitalize a classic without losing its spirit

The evolution respects the brand's legacy by redesigning elements such as the original typography of the logo, from which the organic and imperfect line is born that acts as a resource to connect with the story, and rescuing the Azpilicueta family crest.

From off to on

The universe is completed with current typefaces, its own color palette and a photographic and illustrative style that allow the expression of the brand in different formats, media and channels.

The result is a comprehensive experience that establishes an emotional and authentic connection.

A pack that continues the story to contribute to the strategic objectives of the brand

We seek both to achieve recognition for Azpilicueta on the shelf, and to present the different proposals for each of its wines, breaking down the central story of the brand into small pieces of storytelling.

Through structural adjustments, finishes, capsule design, layout and color palette, a system has been developed that not only appropriately differentiates each product, but also allows for and anticipates future growth.

The update supports the perception of the product in terms of quality and clarity of information, facilitating the consumer experience

The end result is a flexible system that helps differentiate each wine and, at the same time, unites the portfolio around a unique and authentic story.