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25 years accompanying the agricultural sector, a leading laboratory in Europe in the development of biofertilizers and a presence that extends to 32 countries and five continents.
Vellsam is much more than a family company, it is a global benchmark that today faces the strategic challenge of capitalizing its entire history at a corporate level.


We evolved Vellsam to convey its real dimension, its orientation towards total sustainability, its innovative capacity and its customer orientation, allowing it to expand into other sectors beyond agriculture, increasing its capacity to attract and retain talent, consolidating its leadership.

We defined a purpose that reflected all the potential of a company born to be relevant in people's lives, to improve key sectors of society.

A drive to continue transforming the agricultural sector from a conscious, honest, committed and bold discourse

The search for coherence from start to finish. The creation of a brand to accompany the business

The evolution of packaging not only organizes the product portfolio, it also increases the value of each one of them.