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Unide is a distribution cooperative in the food sector with 75 years of experience in the market and 1.300 stores in Spain.

In a highly competitive environment where large chains evolve their store models to adapt to new lifestyles, Unide seeks to strengthen its market position, improve its brand recognition, and align its history and potential with an effective and notable strategy.


The main challenge was to unify the partners under a common vision and objectives, homogenizing the brand experience at all touch points, without affecting Unide's key strength: the ability of each of them to adapt their services and business to the idiosyncrasy of the place and the needs of its clients. The objective was to achieve cohesion and coherence, valuing the autonomy of the member and the genuine commitment to a local store model.


An exhaustive analysis was carried out that included interviews and work sessions to define a dual strategy: represent and unify the Unide team and partners, and increase the cooperative's connection with the end consumer. Based on this strategy, we optimized the brand portfolio and executed a change in the discourse and visual identity to align them with the new objectives.


Much more than a store and its products, a brand that lives the communities in which it is present

We redefined the purpose and vision of the cooperative to align its business fabric, differentiate the customer experience and enhance the product offering.

Closeness, personal bond and commitment become the keys to the change, which included an optimization of its Brand Architecture to contribute to achieving the objectives of connection and efficiency.

The most human face of the distribution sector

Evolution not only supports its partners, but also drives and empowers them as the most relevant figure to reach the end consumer. A strategic key that necessarily implies the recognition of all of them in the brand's discourse.

Communicate more and communicate in a focused way. A strategic and realistic verbal and visual evolution

From the Strategy, we develop an entire system of flexible graphic solutions that work for the objectives and needs of the brand.

A project designed to be implemented progressively and to promote the future of a company where commitment, service orientation and adaptation have been constant.

“The brand project is strategic for the company and is developed with the objective of expanding the recognition of the Unide brand beyond the proximity environment of our supermarkets, initiating a more direct communication model with the consumer and generating interest in our partners. to invest and improve the customer shopping experience in stores.”

José Antonio Lorenzo, Commercial Director.