The strategic evolution of an expert and committed Clean Beauty Brand

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Farma Dorsch is a dermocosmetic company of Spanish origin, born in 1983 by its founder, Fridda Dorsch. Currently, the management of the company remains in the hands of the family, which continues to research, develop and produce its products in its own laboratories that gave rise to the company decades ago.

Farma Dorsch's history recognizes it as synonymous with innovation and commitment to the health of people and the environment.


The brand faced the challenge of adapting to the new consumer and raising its value to increase its relevance in a highly evolved market.

Its real quality demonstrated in its career needed to become visible to allow the company to reposition itself in its market, diversify its sales channels and support the international expansion of the brand.

A deep immersion into the company's reality to establish a reliable work framework

The comprehensive brand audit allowed us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Farma Dorsch both internally and externally. Through interviews with stakeholders and benchmarks, crucial insights and a map of the market situation were identified to determine the current position occupied by the brand and the desired and achievable one for it.

Take over a territory, build an entire universe inside it

We expand the meanings of the brand to take it beyond its products. Farma Dorsch thus takes over a territory, legitimized by the commitment of a family and the support of science, it becomes “the place to find serenity.”

Credibility and trust become maxims for the creation of the brand's messages and visual universe, always respecting the company's legacy, reconnecting with its history without losing relevance.

The evolution, also implemented in the product portfolio, makes the company's strengths tangible

Care and effectiveness translate into a clean design, a clear and organized information architecture that highlights the product and the R&D&I efforts behind it, optimizes its readability and understanding, and improves its perception in the linear.

A brand that goes beyond its products, building its own and recognizable universe that approaches and connects with its consumers.

We evolved the brand's visual universe to align it with its new territory. A more natural and modern brand that unifies all the elements of its identity under the same voice.

Different ranges, different targets, the same brand to reach all of them

Each range acquires the appropriate codes to connect with a consumer more focused on the consumption of organic products, and with those looking for extra quality in their cosmetics.

The purpose of a woman, the perseverance and conviction of a family, reflected in a brand designed to be the reference in dermocosmetics

We defined a strategy aimed at highlighting the brand's main assets and defining its role in the market, increasing its perception as a clean beauty brand, enhancing its value as a family company and as a dermocosmetic laboratory.

Today, each of its formulas has gone from being a "product" to being a "creation."