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The funeral sector has traditionally been an area where technology and digital transformation have had limited impact. Borea has emerged as an innovative solution to lead the digital transformation in this sector, providing a respectful and close digital experience that dignifies the farewell process.


The main challenge has been to develop a new brand that reflects the purpose and values ​​behind the project, creating a connection with people in such a delicate and emotional moment. In addition, it was necessary to design and develop a digital product that offered an agile and simple experience to users.


Baud has worked in close collaboration with Albia, a subsidiary of Santa Lucía Seguros, to develop the brand strategy, naming, visual identity and design of the digital product with the aim of reaching today's most digital and connected consumer.

Lead the digital transformation of funeral services so that society can access a respectful, expert and close experience that dignifies the farewell process

Baud has created the name "Borea", an abstraction of the term “Boreal”, which means north or north, reminiscent of the mystical beauty of the northern lights, its colors and essence.

The Borea symbol is one of the most recognizable elements of the identity

The leader in contracting online funeral services that transforms a complex and difficult moment into an agile and simple experience

Baud has developed a coherent and versatile design system that adapts to the different needs of the brand and its applications.

The collaboration between Baud and Albia (Saint Lucia) has resulted in a brand and digital platform that provides trust, excellence and service, offering a respectful, expert and close experience at a crucial moment for its users.