The DIA Winery

A cellar with its own personality


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Supermercados Día wanted to give a new look to its winery in order to place its beverages at the level of its competitors and make each brand gain presence, relevance and quality.

Due to the wide variety of designations of origin, the largest part of the project was the redesign of many of the winery's wines.


The Baud team's maxim was to give all bottles their own personality and image that would make the shopping experience more attractive and simple. For this, we analyze each wine and its characteristics such as the consumption experience, history, geographical environment, popular legends or related anecdotes.


For the creation of the different designs, various graphic resources were used, such as Illustrations, photographs or geometric shapes created ad-hoc for the project.

Design and more

In addition, details such as stampings, dies and other production finishes were devised that give each packaging a unique touch and enhance the value of the product.


In some cases, ranges of products were made that shared the same visual code.

Nature was an illustrative motif, for example, for the DO Somontano wine collection.

In other cases, more modern designs were chosen, such as this typeface created for monovarietal wines.

Much more than wines

As part of the redesign project for the winery, the new packaging for some of the Dia spirits was also created. A redesign that focuses on the origin of the drinks and that gives the packaging a Premium finish.

For the gin, the design gave the packaging a British and elegant touch.