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Evolve to train from reality

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CEU San Pablo University is a private Spanish university that, with a long history, today has 33.000 students in 25 centers, and is in the Top 5 of private universities according to the El Mundo ranking (2019).


A brand with history, highly valued for its tradition, experience and values, which needed to be updated according to the new market demands, in addition to defining a unique discourse capable of uniting its 3.300 employees.


We evolve the brand in such a way that, without losing recognition, it will connect its most authentic reality with new trends. Valuing its innovation in teaching, studies, programs and resources, but, above all, capitalizing on the unique positioning of comprehensive education based on Christian humanism.

Professionals with values

The main finding was to flee from the separation between the professional and the personal. CEU San Pablo had a value of always, very relevant and current for today's young people and families: the ability to train professionals with values, people, who would be successful in life tomorrow, contributing to the common good of society.

The values ​​of Christian humanism, tradition, quality and vocation orchestrate a unique and relevant way of educating at the service of the student's life, and not only of their university and professional career.

More than 80 years educating are our base to teach you something new every day

Add value to society, with the student

We define a positive, honest, inclusive, friendly and didactic tone that shows the vocation for education and the ability to promote reflection. A tone that, supported by data, expresses quality. A tone that, in short, is built for the student, always maintaining professionalism.

A recognizable and current universe

We create a modern and flexible universe with different resources to be able to reach all points of contact, obtaining an enriching brand, without losing historical values.

We train competitive people in life

Down to the last detail

We support in the first months of implementation to ensure the quality of work down to the last detail and provide the tools and learnings for a continuation of the independent path by the organization, thus culminating a relevant human brand today, and always.