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Beenfo enables organizations and individuals to communicate directly, efficiently and securely. It was born from the vision of an entrepreneur and his collaborators to centralize this growing need in a single proposal that eliminates all tricks and encourages users to keep only the information that interests them.


The construction of the reality of a business from scratch implies a previous study and conscientious work with the client, to guarantee that their idea and vision are materialized in something relevant and with the possibility of success in an environment as competitive as instant messaging. It was a great idea that we had to turn into a better product.


We work on a complete project, from the analysis, to the strategy, the name, the identity, the product design and the production of the explanatory video of the brand. A direct, available, global, honest and purposeful company. A brand that defends a great truth: the value of communication is information. And it does so from a transversal model that coherently and relevantly connects with audiences at each point of contact.

Creating from a vision


Beenfo is a direct, simple, global and storytelling name. At the end of the day, the information transmitted by the bee is equally direct and easy to understand, without artifice. The bee dances in a figure of eight to indicate to the others where to find food. And this is the beautiful language that the new company would capitalize on.

The identity, closely linked to the name and the bee, gives life to the brand with resources to count the infinite advantages in a simple way. An identity that, from its recognizable symbol and forceful color, opens up to cover the people and the messages they want to communicate.

Making the business happen


Beenfo has its app as the central point of the business and it is the fundamental contact with its audiences, since it is there where the original idea is developed. Organizations and individuals have profiles and connect in a direct and relevant way in an intuitive, friendly and safe environment.

Always keeping in mind the strategic keys of the project, its users and the market, we begin the product ideation phase. We launched a beta that after a process of iteration has become a consolidated product that due to its own characteristics, we will continue to update and adapt constantly.