El Corte Inglés Stationery

Repositioning the El Corte Inglés Stationery

Visual identity and more than 500 references

  • Brand Definition
  • Consulting
  • Product Definition
  • Research

Baud is responsible for the creation of an entire visual system and the own brand of a department with more than 800 references


El Corte Inglés presented us with an ambitious project for the creation of all its own brands and the implementation of its stationery department under the umbrella of its «Frost» brand.

Starting from an extensive list of products, we had to build the brand from the ground up

Find a suitable positioning, a correct target, define the strategy to follow and above all a complex brand architecture and implementation of packaging and visual system at the point of sale.

The scenario was complex due to the large number of competitors that we were on the shelf and the difficulty of finding a truly differentiating position compared to the competition.

We are committed to defining a product range based on colors

With our colors we managed to create a lot of visual impact on the shelf and we managed to break down the barriers set by the positioning of the competition and take over a unique and differentiating place

Frost uses bright toned colors to build customer loyalty.

The shelf was defined by colors and not by categories in order to facilitate impulse buying based on aesthetic criteria.




We worked on an implementation of the product by color in each of the shelves, completely changing the concept of purchase in the El Corte Inglés stationery

+10 Sub-brands
Since September 2013 the portfolio has grown more than 300%
+800 Bundles
More than 800 Packaging developed
70 Distribution
The new Stationery organization has been implemented in more than 70 Shopping Centers.