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The vocation, passion and pleasure of dedicating oneself to what one wants is what guides the development of many brands. In the case of Murmui, the internal commitment to create a brand that reflects his unique way of understanding life is what has driven the creation of his company and is, above all, what has guided the project of comprehensive definition of his brand.


Murmui was born as a different brand. For its quality, for its Mallorcan origins, for its search for innovation while respecting tradition. For this reason, the strategic development began by creating a category of its own that represented that unique way of making and caring for its product, as no one else does: Mediterranean Gelato.


Above its Mediterranean Gelato, there are people and that vocation to create for them little moments of happiness that become great memories through its brand. Murmui is an experiential brand that is lived and enjoyed to the beat of the Mediterranean, moment by moment and Gelato to Gelato.


Murmui represents the good life. That Mediterranean essence that drives you to savor every moment with all your senses. The creation of its name is inspired by the murmur of the sea as part of that unique memory that is never forgotten.

A brand with a Mediterranean essence

This sensory atmosphere has also been declined through its own tone of voice that accompanies and identifies each message of the brand. The authenticity of the Mediterranean and that uniqueness in the product and also in the experience have come to life through the comprehensive development of the visual identity brand.

Experiences that stay with you forever