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Data For Hope Contributors

Per baud

We collaborate with our partner Cloud District and other entities such as RTVE, EFE or AEMET in Data For Hope, an event and it is a challenge. On Wednesday, April 15, we will bring together 60 entrepreneurs from the Spanish and global ecosystem together with experts and researchers from the CSIC and the Spanish Ministry of Health to work together on 3 challenges that can help us generate hope in this crisis:

The fascinating world of the everyday life

By Silvia De Diego

There are situations that move us to develop skills that we did not know we had. Skills dormant from the restraint we submit to as adults, or simply from their lack of use.

Building future from home

By Clara López

We are going to do the quarantine week and we begin to react on the strange and very serious situation that we are experiencing. A situation that, from our point of view, is not going to be a simple stoppage, but a before and after with consequences, some unfortunately, immensely sad.

Covid-19: Adaptation and Movement

Per baud

The reality that we are living these days due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus is complicated and unusual for everyone. Fortunately, for years, at Baud we have had systems that allow the delocalized development of our work. For this reason, last Monday we assumed our responsibility for the current health situation and decided to carry out our daily work in our homes.

Winners at the Pentawards

Per baud

A few days ago we were at the Guggenheim in New York for the Pentawards awards ceremony where we received a bronze for the packaging design of Fresco Foods.

EDIT baud partner

Per baud

Baud consolidates its partnership with the EDIT digital school and becomes part of DEN.
DEN - DIGITAL EDUCATION NETWORK It is a Think tank founded by EDIT focused on the areas of education and talent search.