Óptica 2000

A new point of view

Óptica 2000 is the division of El Corte Inglés dedicated to taking care of the visual and hearing health of its clients.

The brand has its own identity within the group that has evolved over the years. This evolution affects the different brand applications especially in product packaging, a point where Baud has collaborated closely.

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As the central axis of the Óptica2000 products, a visual concept inspired by the act of focusing and the circular shape of the eye's pupil was developed. A concept that serves as a starting point to create the packaging and the rest of the graphic pieces.

A groundbreaking design


The new Optica 2000 packaging and its Natural Lens range should enhance the private label product to make it more competitive and attractive for its customers. We propose a new identity based on the visual concept and using a color system that categorizes the products, making the purchase easier and faster.

The clean, lively and optimistic color gamut conveys the benefit of the product in a dynamic and fresh way.
In addition, the new packaging differentiates the product categories by inverting the colors of the design in the case of the basic range.

The same brand, a new vision

Both the repositioning of the Óptica 2000 brand and the redesign of its packaging endows both with a unique personality, making it more competitive against other players, maintaining the quality and values ​​that belong to the El Corte Inglés family gives.