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optica 2000

Óptica 2000 is the El Corte Inglés brand offering visual and auditory care to its customers.

The brand has its own identity within the group, which has evolved over the years. This evolution affects the various applications of the brand, especially in terms of product packaging. This is where Baud enters the story.

Original combination mark

Packaging evolution

The approach

We developed a visual concept to be the central theme for Óptica2000 products, inspired by the act of focusing and the circular shape of the pupil. This concept served as the foundation for creating the packaging and other graphic elements.

Inves USB

Product portfolio

For the Natural Lens private-label line of contact lenses and solutions, a concept was defined based on the different product ranges and qualities, and a new logo system was created emphasising the text of the word “natural” with the different sub-brands in small caps font.

A groundbreaking design

An intense splash of colour

The new packaging for Óptica 2000 and its Natural Lens brand had to enhance the private-label product to make it more competitive and attractive to customers. We proposed a new identity based on the visual concept that uses a colour categorisation system makes shopping faster and easier.

Optica 2000 Packaging Color
Optica 2000 Branding
Optica 2000 Color

The clean, bright and optimistic colour scheme conveys the benefits of the product in a fresh and dynamic way. Moreover, the new packaging distinguishes the different product categories, with the colours in reverse for the basic line.

Liquidos Optica 2000

The same brand, a new vision

The repositioning of the Óptica 2000 brand and the redesign of its packaging gives both a unique personality that makes them more competitive in the market while staying true to the quality and values of the El Corte Inglés family.

Liquidos Optica 2000


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