The reinvention of feminine intimate hygiene

Promoting a before and after

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Society is changing and, with it, women. We live in an era of female empowerment in which every woman is more aware than ever of what she needs, what she prefers, and what she likes. Women today demand more because they are not willing to give up the best for themselves.

In this context, myALMA, a brand that has internalized these concerns and seeks the best for women in their intimate hygiene. A natural and respectful alternative to the well-being of each woman and also to the planet.


MyALMA wants to signify a real change that transforms the traditional practices of this sector by standardizing the use of honest and organic products, free of toxins and harmful chemicals for the body of each woman.


A brand that standardizes the intimate care that women deserve. In short, an empathetic, direct and conscious identity that shows the period as it is, and that has created feminine intimate hygiene products as they should be.

Live a better rule

The visual development of the MyALMA brand presents an elegant, friendly and honest identity that manages to convey its own personality far removed from the sectoral codes.

A brand that transposes its differentiation in a transversal way in all its visual expression: a clean and honest color range, a delicate and personal illustrative resource, a real and optimistic photographic style and a minimalist and careful packaging.

In short, MyALMA is a brand that makes commitment, empathy and honesty its greatest strength in all its points of contact.