Reinventing the administration of Estates

Dynamizing an obsolete sector

Transparent farm administration at street level.
We shape the largest network of Property Administration offices in Spain

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Inmho is an ambitious real estate property management project that has progressively acquired expert property management companies around a new vision and capability. The organization that neighbors, community presidents needed.


The property administration sector in Spain presented a business opportunity: less atomization for greater efficiency, and greater professionalization.

A Venture Capital detected this opportunity and we helped it bring it to life by building a new reality: Inmho.


A broad, professional reference that preserved the human essence of the administrator of a lifetime.

With a clear winner: the client who, with his usual administrator, converted into the most professional figure of manager, expanded his access to a greater offer and optimization.

A simple solution, with retail at street level and transparent rates.

grow to be close

Inmho was born growing up and we developed a job that encouraged him to do so. A growth that will elevate its purpose to not only stay close to the client, but even more, to understand it as a cause and consequence of its growth. In this way, the more Inmho grew, the closer he was to his clients.



We created a name as broad as the brand, with the interspersed H typical of 'humanity' that they would never give up.

More human, more professional

On a visual level, we developed a very human brand that revealed an ambitious and attractive project in warm and friendly tones. We project that magnitude through a beam of light that in its different applications integrates with the background as well as in people's lives. Born from their need, working for them.

We take the brand to the online environment following the same guidelines and spirit as for the other applications. A website in which usability prevails, giving prominence to the content in an intuitive way. With the professionalism of a leading company and the friendliness and confidence of the personal.

retail experience

We defined the retail environment using the brand's tools to generate a corporate environment capable of generating the sensations that the brand itself was looking for. Using the beam of light to guide the way, for example staining the counter from the entrance. And drawing in short, a space that is not only functional, but also attractive, open and comfortable. A place where the client could experience the new brand first-hand.

We continue to accompany Inmho in the opening of new centers and channels that, taking into account their particularities, continue to make that common vision a reality: to continue growing to be closer.

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