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Corporate identity

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Much more than a logo.

Baud has extensive experience in the corporate image industry.

We create unified brands

At Baud we love to take on the challenge of defining the corporate values ​​of companies and creating a unified message with a strong personality that strategically reaches all possible consumers and helps to position or reposition the brand in the market.

"A good brand image must contain emotions and information to be effective"

More about Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is a key aspect of brand strategy. For a brand to be attractive it must be much more than a logo. You need to have your own unique voice that is remembered.

The brand identity envelops and unifies each of the brand's aspects and languages; whether in graphic, verbal, audiovisual, environmental or cultural media.

A truly compelling brand must bring together strategy and design in its most powerful form to seduce, convince and influence customers.

Despite what is believed, a brand identity is not simply a logo.

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