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LAUS Nominees for Best Naming 2020 by Murmui

By Baud Team

We are proud to be able to share with you that we have been nominated for a LAUS, a great award that tries to promote design, projecting its cultural and economic importance for society, in the Naming category for our work done for Murmui.

Getting to know Carlos Rodríguez, Baud Business Development

By Baud Team

Today we get to know Carlos, Baud Business Development, a little better. He was born in Madrid in 83. He trained in the musical career specializing in violin for many years, he worked in the world of music with the main national orchestras and various chamber music and jazz formations.

Getting to know Álvaro Arnaiz, Baud Designer

By Baud Team

Today we get to know Álvaro, Baud's Designer, a little better. Creative, collaborative and responsible, his way of being ranges from something as nerdy as the Beatles to Eskorbuto. He is passionate about music, art, photography, reading, screen printing, design, poster design, photography, cinema, fashion, architecture, typographies ... among all this, he has also been focusing his career on the branding, which is why he is also passionate about creating real brands that connect in a lasting way with society.

Getting to know Juliana Cabrera, Baud's Project Manager

By Baud Team

Within the content framework in which we can get to know the members of our team a little better, today we interview Juliana. She is Colombian, she was born in Cúcuta Norte de Santander, but from a very young age she lived in Bogotá, the capital.

Knowing Clara López, Baud Consultant

By Baud Team

In the framework of interviews with the members of our team, today we get to know Clara, Strategy Consultant a little better. Analytical, creative and committed, Clara has been working for numerous clients for 10 years in different agencies and renowned consultancies. Promoter and speaker through entities such as IPMARK, Villanueva University Center, Rey Juan Carlos University, Aebrand or Google Campus.

Getting to know Anna Queralt, Project Manager at Baud

By Baud Team

We continue with the new content framework in which we can get to know the members of our team a little better, those who build Baud. Empathetic, hard-working and responsible, Anna was born in Barcelona and at the age of 18 she moved to Calafell.