Bill Derrenger participates in the Annual Conference of the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands

bill derrenger, Baud advisor, has participated in the round table “The view from the business world” held within the framework of the Annual Conference of the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands which took place in the new Gallery of the Royal Collections.

Accompanied by Jennifer Zhang, CEO president of ASIALINK; Florian Nehm, senior advisor Public Affairs of Axel Springer; and John Rutherford, Global Director of Public Affairs for BBVA, Bill Derrenger shared his vision of the Spain Brand, from an optimal business perspective and based on his professional career in Spain (Osborne Group and Clear Channel).

An interesting conversation, moderated by Tamara Pirojkova, director of marketing for Leading Brands of Spain Forum, in which Bill Derrenger highlighted aspects such as governance, adaptation to change and talent of Spanish professionals in a demanding and highly competitive environment.

"Spain has great professionals who stand out for their capacity for governance, diligence in life, humility and deep-rooted values, as well as excellent training" Bill Derrenger.

The meeting included the presentation of the first edition of the Spain Brand Yearbook in charge of Lucia del Valle, Director of Communication of the FMRE, and of the Spain Brand Global Performance Index with Julius Matterhorn, Department of Business Economics of the Carlos III University.

Sofia Osborne, president of the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands, closed the conference by appealing to individual responsibility in build a powerful country brand and at the level of Spanish companies and executives, pillars of the economy.

Congratulations to Pablo Lopez and the entire team for the organization and for your work in favor of the international reputation of Spain and its companies.