Transforming a disbanded group into a leading global corporate brand

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Attindas, a pioneer company in the adult incontinence category for more than 40 years and a world leader in absorbent solutions for incontinence, baby care and clinical hygiene.

A company that is an expert in the real needs of people that improves the quality of life of millions of them around the world every year.


Attends, Indas, AHP and HDIS were four independent companies that made up the division of personal care of Domtar.

Attindas, as an investment fund, arises from the acquisition and merger of these four brands into one.

Following the acquisition, the company came to Baud with the need to turn these four independent brands into a cohesive group.


From Baud, we transformed Attindas into a corporate brand that was born from the union of its largest companies, bringing together the entire division of personal care and urinary incontinence.

We create a strong, united and coherent Group brand, aligned with the needs of our sub-brands and which, in turn, enhances the individuality of each one.

A global brand, capable of maintaining a local character in its closeness to people

We work directly with Attindas internal departments at a strategic level to define a international corporate brand that was easily scalable, resulting in a brand that defends health, dignity and comfort in people's lives and that is 100% oriented to them.

A clear strategy supported by three firm pillars: the honesty, sincerity and authenticity.

A clear brand purpose

Ensuring absorbent hygiene that is effective, affordable and available to anyone

A new global brand that accommodates all Attindas trademarks, such as Chelino o Indasec, acknowledging their previous trajectory and encouraging them to achieve their future objectives, and which in turn unifies them through a common purpose that reinforces shared objectives and values.

Multiple countries, multiple brands, one voice

After the strategic process, we defined an identity in which both the corporate colors and the name itself are a tribute to the company's recent history and constitute assets of great value to project it into the future.

We ensure consistency in the application of the brand by collecting all the guidelines in a Brand Manual, as well as the need to generate resources to systematize its implementation.

Based on the developed identity, we promote the internal launch through an audiovisual piece that communicates and facilitates the understanding of the merger and helps convey the meanings of the name, the connection with the history of the company and the new path to follow, in addition to facilitating the acceptance of all companies that operate under the brand.