Our Heritage. Your Heritage.

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With more than a hundred years of history, Yusty is a family-owned custom tailoring firm, recognized for its craftsmanship and excellence in every detail. As the market evolves, Yusty seeks to modernize its identity and reinforce its positioning, keeping its legacy and prestige intact while adapting to the new demands of its clients.


The main challenge was updating Yusty's brand strategy to reflect both its rich heritage and contemporary approach. It was essential to transmit the brand's values ​​in a way that resonated with new generations without losing the essence that has defined Yusty for a century.


Baud worked closely with Yusty to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that included updating its verbal identity and storytelling. An inspiring motto was created, “Our Heritage. Your Heritage. », Which encapsulates the essence of Yusty, highlighting both her legacy and her current relevance.

Every stitch is a part of our story

We focus on transmitting his legacy through generations, highlighting the artistry, passion and independence that characterize Yusty. This narrative strengthens the emotional connection with customers and reinforces the perception of Yusty as a brand that combines tradition and modernity.

Elegance is freedom

Yusty's legacy lives on and adapts to modern times, offering a bespoke tailoring experience that combines craftsmanship, excellence and a deep understanding of its customers.