Wally Olins, the father of branding, leaves us

The world of Branding orphaned. The president of Saffron Wally olins he died yesterday from a sudden illness at the age of 83. Olins He was known not only for his illustrious vision of corporate identities and for being the father of the concept "brand of a country"; everyone who met him agrees to highlight his generosity and optimism "Whether advising a young student for advice on how to get ahead in the brand or advising presidents on how to improve their nation's brand" they say in the published statement from Saffron on your own website. He had just finished a book that he was going to promote in the next few months. His family says about him: «He was traveling abroad until two months ago. He said he wasn't going to retire, and he never did. "

Wally olins is responsible for the identities of recognized brands worldwide such as  Repsol, Q8, The Portuguese Tourist Board, BT, RenaultVolkswagen and brands from countries such as Northern Ireland, Lithuania, Poland and Portugal. He also developed the image of the Olympics of London 2012.

The great legacy of Olins it will always be present in our work.