From a leading online store to a great brand


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Tí had a privileged position as the leading Spanish website for pet products.

However, it had a poorly defined strategy and an image anchored in the online environment that prevented it from expanding into new channels. At a time when the company was facing its great leap into the offline world, it counted on Baud to redirect its trajectory.

The first step was to define a brand strategy that would establish the values, positioning and value proposition of Tíanimal, key pillars for having a coherent brand and meeting the company's objectives.

New challenges, new identity


The definition of this strategy was reflected in the redesign of the identity of Tíanimal. A new image that evolved the brand towards its new expansion strategy.

The evolution of the Logo

For the wordmark, which is a natural evolution of the previous one, we opted for a typeface with rounded and friendly corners, which conveys professionalism and at the same time is close.

Adapt your symbol

Starting from its old isotype, a simplified version was worked on, much more identifiable with its sector. This evolution eliminates the mouse so as not to focus the brand on the online medium and changes the claws for a footprint, much more friendly.

We understand pets


A claim that transmits the brand values ​​and defines the philosophy of the company. A phrase that is inspired by the empathy that the brand shows with its customers and their pets. Because in Tíanimal they understand animals and know what is best for them and, therefore, the owners feel calm.

From now on, the brand has a recognizable, simple and close verbal identity, with messages that integrate the brand, the owner and the pets.

Visual identity

After a work of visual organization of all categories, we provide the brand with visual tools: layout, use of sandwiches and other elements, specific fonts for communication pieces, gradients ... An infinite visual system with which the brand can express itself in all the formats, according to the needs of each moment.

From leading online sales to leading the retail sector

The main challenge of the project was to transfer the spirit of the brand to the new stores. Spaces that had to breathe the love of TANNIMAL for pets, the knowledge of the sector and also the offer and professionalism of the company.

An infinite visual system with which the company can express itself in all formats, create multiple formats, according to the needs of each moment.

The brand's applications went far beyond the signs or posters.

Using the iconography with the color identification system we differentiate the sections and make the customer experience more intuitive in all channels and supports.



One of the most delicate points of the project has been the updating of the image in the online store, its main point of sale. In order to integrate the new identity and equalize the shopping experience on the web and in the store, a meticulous transition and improvement plan was developed hand in hand with the client for all the vital elements of e-commerce.



For the project, we also developed an iconographic family of more than 100 references that facilitate the understanding of the wide range of products and services of the brand: adoption, care, textiles, click & collect, hairdressing, food ... for all families of animals.

The icons, like the logo, are close and with a funny point. Simple and open in outline, they are friendly without losing their main informative function.

Defining the guidelines for the future

Each of the dozens of brand applications has been filed and scheduled to create a simple, scalable and applicable system for the internal departments and different agents that act on the TANNIMAL brand.

Strengthening your growth as an omnichannel leader


Tíanimal has an ambitious growth plan where the brand is a key point.

Target stores in 2019.
+ 35%
Turnover (50 million) expected in 2016 after the new strategy.
Clients in 2016.