A new brand for a new woman


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Tempo, a fertility cynic always at the forefront of her sector, refocuses one of her services, the vitrification of ovules, orienting it to that woman of today who does not want to close doors to a possible motherhood tomorrow.

At Baud, we help them create and shape a new brand that, with the support of the parent brand, would be able to approach and connect in an emotional and practical way with this type of woman.


The concept of egg vitrification was too medical and cold, far removed from today's woman. We decided to go far beyond medical necessity to talk about decision making. Connecting with that foresighted woman, who today does not want or can be a mother, but who does not want to close any door while continuing with her life as she has planned it.


We thus transform the discourse towards the preservation of fertility. A speech that opened the woman's mind to new possibilities and paths that perhaps had not been considered until today. A brand in which women, their decisions and goals, came first.

A name at the same time soft and sonorous that respects the woman of today and gives her the power to decide

We created a name, Tempo, that brought balance to the woman's life, giving her the assurance that her eggs will be at her disposal if she ever wishes to fertilize them, and allowing her to combine vital factors such as time, her personal and professional situation and her desire. of being a mother, in a positive and natural way.

We define a tone of voice that is very complicit and focused on women and their present. On a visual level, we gave absolute prominence to modern women in all their breadth. A flexible system that adapted to her, her decisions.