Sophie Vurpillot

More than a professional coaching service. We create a collaborative network of leaders.

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Sophie Vurpillot It was born as a personal brand based on the ideals of its founder, a dedicated, committed entrepreneur and expert in professional coaching, with extensive international experience accompanying senior management positions in the world of consulting, finance, product managers, entrepreneurs, or diplomats.

After consolidating its own model and building a wide and valuable network of collaborators, the brand begins a new project with which to shape this vision today shared by many, that of building a network of experts made up of top-level clients and coaches. in order to generate a positive impact for themselves and their environment.


The professional coaching sector is dominated by specialists in the field, with different methods and visions.

The challenge is to increase the perceived value of Sophie Vurpillot's services, bringing it closer to its real value as that specialized collaboration network that achieves a tangible impact on people's lives by completely adapting to them.


The brand had to respond to the vocation of a person and be able to transfer it to all those who are part of it today. Breathe commitment, transparency, freedom, and capture the complexity of the connections and implications that this service has for its clients.

Thus, we generated a brand discourse that gave its place to both the client and the coach, both renowned professionals. A brand capable of connecting with those restless and nonconformist leaders who want to continue improving and cause a positive impact around them.

And so we transform a personal brand into a corporate brand that represents a network of trust for the professional and personal growth of leaders from all over the world.

A brand that is a vision.

A vision that we must connect with your market.

Sophie Vurpillot's client is a professional client, who is at or near the top of her career, a mature client in terms of knowledge of the coaching offer. For this reason, it is even more essential to find those levers that allow us to build an empathetic discourse, which is both professional and credible.

The brand is developed in the concepts of collaboration, accompaniment, understanding, enthusiasm and excellence, with a respectful, sensitive, but firm and resounding discourse at the same time. Because Sophie Vurpillot is a brand with a purpose, and if many influential leaders work together, the possibility of building a better society is multiplied.

The concept of collaboration is expressed through a simple system where the link and mutual enrichment between ideas and people…

The color palette balances enthusiasm, inspiration and passion, with minimalism, solvency and responsibility that a brand like this needs to convey.