An inspiring brand


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Rebranding for RHINOB, a brand of equipment for professional athletes that through technological innovation has found a unique product development in the market.

The brand name is associated with virtues such as power, solidity and effort, since it is based on the rhinoceros beetle, the strongest insect in the world. But in this new stage of the brand, where innovation is allowing them to stand out in highly competitive professional environments, we had to unite these values ​​with technology. Just as technological innovation has prompted the brand to introduce its products in more competitive and professional markets, it will also help the athlete to overcome new challenges.

An inspiring brand

We also had a challenge to overcome, that of being able to transmit the essence of elite sport, effort + passion + technology, at each point of contact of the brand. Either in digital environments such as its website, or in a more physical plane, such as packaging.

A complete digital experience


A differential website that enhances all the benefits of the product through an enriching and innovative brand experience.