Accompany the change and expansion of a leading family company

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The trajectory, good work and commitment have led PyD, a family company dedicated to the creation, development, distribution and marketing of selective perfumery, to become one of the 10 most relevant Spanish companies in the market. national and international in this sector.
A history of successes shared with its clients and growth, which has constantly transformed the company and its services to adapt it to new needs and objectives.


In a scenario of international consolidation and faced with the challenge of generational change, the company needed to resize itself as a leader, attract and retain talent, build a unified discourse and collect its own way of doing things that has been validated over the years in a sector. BtB in which big brands look for partners capable of increasing their value and accompanying them along the way.


We resize the current and future potential of PyD without abandoning its vision as a company committed and close to people, revitalizing its brand, finding its difference in the market. All of this materialized in an implementation that connects the company and the new strategic discourse with its audiences.

Know and understand first. Connect later

Through immersion sessions, workshops and interviews, we identify the key trends and insights for redefining the discourse, connecting the company's reality with the market needs.

In order to find its essence and its difference, we convert expertise into adaptation and 360º solutions, and commitment into closeness, specialization and support. All this under a great strategic idea, the predisposition to accept challenges. A character that defines the relationship with its audiences and internal culture.

An evolution that represents the essence of the company

We define a verbal and visual expression capable of reflecting all that specialization, proactivity and non-conformity.

The verbal guidelines unify the Tone of Voice to convey the difference of a familiar and close company, but also expert, demanding and oriented towards the selective market.

The visual universe accompanies the evolution from service provider to partner of major perfume brands.

Flexibility, detail, movement

The strategic work involved a redefinition of the way in which PyD presents itself to the world and relates to its stakeholders, reinforcing its role as an expert in selective perfumery and partner of its clients.