Branding and packaging in action before the cameras of Cuatro

In the last program of Four The Business IncubatorThe team Baud is launched to reformulate the Branding and redesign the the packaging de Turrolate Galenda, a traditional Cordovan sweet created by three sisters from the memories of the taste of their childhood. The handicap of the product of Victoria, Remedios and Rafi It was the previous design of the turrolate, intended to position itself in shops specialized in natural products, despite being a product with potential to be marketed in the field good gourmet food.

To solve this problem, the creative department of Baud chose to create a current brand based on a lettering reminiscent of a traditional confectionery, of the "whole life", thus providing value premium extra to the packaging

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. In addition, another line of the packaging for Asian emerging market in anticipation of a possible global expansion. The end result of Baud's work had an exciting reception from the creators of Galenda

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Baud Fragments Summary:

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