Zooplus: Nomad tales

Strategic diversification: we created the first Zooplus own brand

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Zooplus, leader in e-commerce of pet products, launches throughout Europe its first own brand of accessories, Nomad Tales, which will cover all the functional and aesthetic needs of owners and their pets, connecting the lifestyle world with outdoor activities.


Despite the growing competition in pet care, which no longer only emanates from specialized brands but also from small local brands and even the fashion sector, there is a strategic opportunity in the accessible premium segment, with high-value products and a competitive price, always backed by the authority and experience of a brand specializing in pet care.


The aspiration is to position this brand as a reference in sophistication, avant-garde and urban style, initially in the canine segment, but with the possibility of accessing the feline market in later stages.

To do this, we define the axes of the brand, from its discourse and visual universe, to the brand and product experience. An experience that seeks to turn everyday activities into meaningful moments shared with your pet.

Searching for the connection with the target

From the strategic discourse, aimed at positioning Nomad Tales as a lifestyle brand in the premium segment, to the verbal and visual style that accompanies the product portfolio and enriches the purchasing experience, Nomad Tales seeks to connect with a specific strategic target.

Accompany the client, adapt, create a brand aimed at meeting objectives

A clean and simple style that complements the quality and design of its products, reinforcing the positioning of the brand

A simple but very flexible visual identity has been developed, capable of building its own universe where the quality and modernity of the urban style not only coexist, but also balance the prominence between pets and their masters.

A visual system aligned with the brand strategy. The union between the animal and its master is captured through a simple but highly distinctive, versatile and transversal graphic resource. The selection of fonts, photographs, iconography and color palette not only highlight the premium quality of the brand, but also evoke a sense of aspiration for the target audience.


Every detail adds up to make every moment count

We develop recognizable packaging that connects directly with its positioning.

To facilitate implementation, exhaustive manualization of the brand and packaging was carried out to optimize and guide the design and production of each product.