Marqués de Murrieta

A digital experience that evokes prestige, tradition and innovation

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The wine market, both nationally and internationally, continues to experience gradual, sustained and optimistic growth. There are not a few companies that tend towards the industrialization of their processes in search of greater volumes and benefits. In this context, there are still brands like Marqués de Murrieta that continue to fight to maintain the authenticity and soul of this sector in order to reach more and more people.  


Today, the great challenge of Marqués de Murrieta is to transfer that constant search for the highest quality, for the absolute respect for the grape and for the purest care for the land through a digital experience capable of connecting with new audiences without leaving to project the emblematic and familiar spirit of the brand.


The digital experience has been conceptualized to keep alive the prestige, excellence and innovation of Marqués de Murrieta, its wineries and its wines throughout the entire navigation. A more personal and sensory approach that allows the brand to express itself and enjoy itself freely, thus reaching an emotional connection with its public, also in the online environment. 

Dignify the meaning of a glass of wine

Marqués de Murrieta was born in 1852 and, by our side, he began a comprehensive redesign process of his digital experience to remain relevant every day. We carried out several digital consulting sessions through which we were able to immerse ourselves in the history of the company and its business, brand and digitization objectives. Having as priority objectives a greater capture and the connection with a younger public, we analyze its performance digital and we guide the brand's new typical consumer in this environment. 

After all this, we proposed a new strategic approach that provided the brand with its own content in order to tell the story behind this great winery. Likewise, taking into account the learning obtained in the co-creation work, a new web map was built that optimized the entire experience by simplifying it and giving each section the value it deserves.

A space that exudes elegance, honesty and know-how

An optimized experience in terms of UX and UI was designed under the maxim of creating a simple, intuitive and immersive navigation. Special care was taken in the presentation of each wine through a functional, visual and verbal structure that gave them that timeless and exclusive character. 

The content was also adapted to the verbal demands of a brand with so much history, recognition and prestige. Thus, we have added new meanings to the story of Marqués de Murrieta message by message. 

A personal look at the world of wine

The attention to detail on which the Marqués de Murrieta philosophy is based should also be transferred to the digital environment through a new graphic style, more distinctive and evocative. 

To do this, we created a complete visual universe that ranged from the color palette to corporate fonts or photographic style. It was essential to project the tradition and excellence that characterize the brand, but also being able to promote it towards a territory of innovation and avant-garde from which to better connect with new targets. A mature, prestigious and contemporary personality that brings the luxury of the world of wine to all palates through its digital experience.