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The real estate sector not only suffered an economic crisis in recent years, but a reputational crisis as well. In this difficult climate, Líder Today, a business group with vast sector experience, wanted to stake its claim as the leading real estate agency in the Community of Valencia.



For the company to become a sector leader we had to find a positioning that would respond to customer needs. Building off of strong values of trust, efficiency and professional vision, Lider Today positioned itself as a real estate agency “that solves its customers’ daily problems and gets them ready for the future”.

Because what sets the company apart from the competition is not the product it offers; “Lider Today turns that product into what you imagined it would be, surrounding it with trust, efficiency and convenience so that it won´t become a problem for you tomorrow”. This brand promise is brought to life through things like customer relations and extra services offered like decoration and movers.
The brand promise was expressed in a forceful, relatable and motivating claim, in a language their customers would understand.

The future is our everyday

The verbal identity is colloquial and natural, conveying trust and professionalism through realistic problem-solving messages that speak directly to customers.




We developed a visual and verbal identity that would reflect the strategic work we had done.


We chose a simple typographic logo that communicates earnestness and approachability. The detail of the extended dot on the “i”, which recalls the roof of a house, conveys security.

The visual system is simple and functional with forceful headlines, realistic images, and clear, informative iconography.

Points of contact


Baud´s architecture and retail team was responsible for interpreting the brand values to create a physical space consistent with the company’s philosophy.

Professionalism, the ability to always be professional, prepared and informed translates into elements like lighting, digital frames and technology.

Commitment translates into warm materials that convey friendliness, trust and transparency using wood, exposed bulbs and open spaces.

Efficiency, understood as a dedication to customer service and an eagerness to solve problems, translates into elements like multiuse spaces, room divider screens and modular furniture.

Points of contact


The website is the most important point of contact in the sector, so it had to be very clear and functional. We created a highly intuitive system of modules that highlights what is important: making sure users can easily find what they’re looking for.

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Website navigation icons

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Communication navigation icons

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Expanding horizons

As part of its dedication to customer service, the Lider Today group has introduced a new business division with a jobs portal, in line with the brand’s values and the look and feel created for it. The brand architecture, which keeps the same logo and changes the secondary colour, is designed to be able to accommodate new lines of business in the future.


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