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Mild incontinence is a reality faced by thousands of women and men around the world, a pathology that is increasingly recognized for its impact on the daily lives of people who suffer from it.

Choosing the most suitable product goes beyond functional criteria, seeking brands capable of emotionally connecting with them, providing them with the understanding and security they need.

Indasec Discreet is the brand that specializes in this problem, a brand that for more than 20 years has been dedicated to improving the day-to-day life of these people through its products.


In a market dominated by specialists and private label brands, Indasec Discreet intends to rekindle the pioneering spirit of its beginnings and convey its expert and committed vision of this reality more clearly.

To connect with a rejuvenated consumer and increase their preference as a brand, it is necessary to transfer their real commitment to innovation, their knowledge and their ability to listen and understand.


We have evolved the discourse of Indasec Discreet, giving it an emotional and vocational dimension to support its most technological aspect and connect it with the insights of its consumers.

Starting from an exhaustive audit work to define its competitive position, to know the essence of the brand and to study the perception by real consumers, we find the true value of a brand dedicated from the beginning and completely to this problem.

In this way, Indasec Discreet has become a brand with a firm purpose, that of offering total support, being next to these people every day, making them feel physically and emotionally safe.

A renewed brand that conveys all these meanings in each of the contact points and that, how could it be otherwise, has tested all the work done with consumers.

The emotionality in the expression of the brand

The expression of the brand had to evolve from its strategic levers, helping to balance functionality, product safety and its innovation, with the final emotional benefit, support and daily accompaniment.

Thus, trust became the central promise of the brand, in the summary of more than 20 years of work and knowledge. A trust that is also fed by the new tone of voice guidelines that define an expert brand that is at the same time close, open and understanding.

With this evolution, the brand logo was adjusted to the new needs, as well as the visual universe, enriched with new meanings through new colors, fonts, photographic and illustrative styles and other resources.

The pack and the decisive moment of purchase

The effectiveness of this new work is measured on the shelves of the points of sale where Indasec Discreet coexists with other brands. For this reason, the redesign of the packaging has been a fundamental element for the project, undergoing several evaluation tests with real consumers.

Based on a specific and detailed analysis of the brand's and competitors' packaging, the new designs acquire the brand's values ​​and build towards the purpose, adding closeness to its visual style, facilitating understanding and improving the user experience. through the optimization of the information hierarchy and its messages.

Communicating the new brand

After the entire process, it is time to communicate the brand, and for Indasec Discreet it is essential that its internal and commercial teams understand the dimension of its work.

That is why we carried out an internal communication campaign that conveyed the new discourse, bringing them together around the purpose of the brand, valuing the work of each one of them and supporting the research and innovation effort behind each one of them. their products.