At Baud we make the Harlem Shake more Spanish

It seems that 2013 has started with a great viral of those that entertains us and makes us procrastinate more than we should. Just a week ago, some skater kids, calling themselves The Sunny Coast Skate from Queensland, Australia made an absurd video on the theme of Bauer «Harlem Shake». In a few days 40.000 versions of the initial video have been born and it exceeds 175 Million Visits.

At the end of last week, at Baud we got down to work to stand out as pioneers in Spain, following other agencies such as «Wysiwyg», «Btub».

Sure of our creativity, We are for now the most bizarre video of all those that have been made in Spain (with Tejero included) and we challenge all those who are not ashamed to overcome the attempt. Or, simply, to have a laugh and, incidentally, visit our offices.

The Baud Version - Spanish Office Edition:

The Original Version:

Compilation of Initial Versions:

We thank our friends from Cloud District, Be Sweet Films, thickzine, Personal Shopper Madrid EDH, SomeBanana Boards and Iván Logra, as the main “messenger” character, for having collaborated with us in this mess.