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Boosting the value of people


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Mahou San Miguel has always been a company with a strong commitment to society and its Foundation is the instrument to channel it. With the aim of generating a positive impact on workers, their sector and society, the Foundation works in various areas, from training and employment, to social action and volunteering.


Mahou San Miguel had been promoting professional, social, environmental volunteering for years, etc. And for the first time he was beginning to do so within the framework of his Foundation. The project sought to develop and enrich this new area for the Foundation, within its codes and in tune with its values, as well as to create and design initiatives and materials that would promote engagement with volunteers and collaborators.


A participatory, family, social, youth, sustainable program that took advantage of its launch within the Foundation to promote its innovative nature, bringing it closer to new audiences. A new stage expressed in the tagline 'Boosting the value of people' that was completed with different claims and main messages, some of which the organization had already been using.

An exciting stage

A coherent style, enriched, at the same time rigorous and friendly, in pieces designed to accompany and motivate the day-to-day life of the people involved.

An exciting stage in which everyone participates with freedom and commitment, building in the same direction, the one that has always been part of Mahou San Miguel's will to contribute to a better world.