Creating brand culture through respect for animals

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The petcare sector grows year after year in our country and with it the number of companies that decide to launch their own products and services related to the feeding and care of our pets, generating an increasingly crowded, heterogeneous market that is often confusing for the final consumer.

Dapac was born in 2006 as a purchasing center, through the union of several cooperative professionals with extensive experience in the petcare and petfood sector. And it does so with the aim of preserving the quality of pet products, being transparent in its actions and working with respect for animals.


Dapac arises solely as a company name. The main need was to begin to define Dapac as a brand in itself and transfer its competitive advantage to both the B2B and B2C audiences.

On the other hand, we were faced with a complex portfolio of products, where the products that each cooperative member already marketed were integrated into the new brand. Clarifying this portfolio was a fundamental point of the project we developed.


We created the Dapac brand through a discourse that would give it credibility and position it in the minds of the final consumer and the specialized channel.

We generate a homogeneous, close, honest and quality brand image for sub-brands and products under a single seal of guarantee, that of Dapac.

We created a brand culture that generated pride of belonging for all employees and cooperative members, as well as notoriety and brand recognition for the final consumer.

The project began with an exhaustive analysis of Dapac's main competitors, where we investigated the companies, their expression, their identity and their product ranges. This analysis helped us understand the functioning of the petcare sector and the areas that we had to strengthen in Dapac to improve its recognition and bring the brand closer to its target audience.

Through this research, market niches around which the brand could grow as a differential were detected. We generated a culture of our own brand in which Dapac represented a pet that grows, develops and lives fully.

Dapac, a seal of quality

Dapac had a clear objective, which was reinforced and made visible from the brand strategy: care for each ingredient, each product, each line, to always guarantee the highest quality. In a context where the word 'quality' had lost credibility, we managed to position the brand as a seal of quality within the petcare sector.

Dapac is the safe alternative for your pet, a brand that has earned the trust of the end customer and the specialized channel. Dapac is your ally in the petcare sector.

Move the differential to all contact points

This quality, transparency, passion and respect for animals should also be transferred to the verbal expression of the brand, so that each message managed to transfer it.

We provided Dapac with linguistic guidelines that sought to convey its commitment to the sector and to animals, bringing them closer to their target. And of a forceful claim that transmits the values ​​and the benefit of the brand and the product.

In parallel, we worked on a visual identity that, based on the brand's codes, was redefined in a more memorable and attractive design on the shelf. From the typography to the color palette, the secondary graphics, the photographic and illustrative style..., everything was designed to reflect Dapac's personality and the connection between the brand and animals.

Packaging, the main point of contact between the brand and the consumer

We designed a packaging with visual codes that reflected the differential value of the differential value brand and that helped the buyer in the product selection process, in addition to highlighting the product within the shelf.

Own brands were one of the main points of contact between Dapac and the final consumer, so it was essential that they reflect the brand values ​​worked on.

A brand that reinforces the product

We generated a coherent endorsement system with each of the sub-brands, so that they were clearly identified with Dapac. For the first time, Dapac's products were unified under the same brand and under the same visual codes, which allowed them to gain credibility, consistency and recognition with the consumer.

A packaging design that helped Dapac create a clear, homogeneous and close portfolio of products.

Thus, we can see the work in the design of the premium sub-brand Zen, so that it started from the visual codes generated for Dapac and reflected the exclusivity and quality of the product. A brand with its own character, which drank from the essence of Dapac to gain credibility with the consumer.

A packaging that reflects the honesty of the product

The quality of the product and representing it was present throughout the entire brand. It also materialized in a packaging that highlighted the ingredients of each product.