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Cyrclo was born from the idea of ​​its three founding partners to contribute to the well-being of people through a dynamic and healthy gastronomic proposal.

From Baud we define the integral experience of the brand in order to project its Mediterranean, optimistic and healthy character in each of its nuances, corners and details. From the photographic style to the restaurant tables.


Eating out shouldn't mean giving up a healthy lifestyle. However, the scarcity of alternatives and the rush of the day to day drive us to choose fast food proposals that are far from what today's consumer is and seeks. Under the maxim that eating fast should not mean eating badly, this innovative gastronomic concept was born.


Cyrclo is committed to healthy recipes and a unique experience inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle as a brand philosophy. It is not only a brand, it is not only a restaurant, it is a place in which to feed that philosophy with quality products for the body that also nourish the soul.

A Mediterranean experience for all the senses

The strategic development of the Cyrclo brand served to show its commitment to the physical and mental well-being of people through its particular gastronomic proposal.

We create a name that projects how the brand and its Mediterranean lifestyle are integrated into people's daily lives, being an essential part of their life cycle.

A comprehensive proposal that unites all the key points of the brand, from the name to the descent to the restaurant, decoration, furniture and space, to ensure that people live a fresh, natural and always positive brand experience.

In the restaurant, we conceptualize, define and implement the experience, the flow, the different spaces, materials and finishes. An enveloping experience in which the brand came to life and interacted with the client, transporting him to a world full of freshness, light and modernity.